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About LCA

Limestone Coast Ability is a locally owned and operated business that prides itself to be a part of the community we live in and serve. Our experienced staff is focused on active support, working with a client to do ‘with’ instead of doing ‘for’.

Our Mission is to build capacity and independence for people with disability

Our Vision is to provide an opportunity for people with disability to live a meaningful life, be engaged in their community, to foster meaningful relationships, and promote choice and control.

Meet Our Team

Limestone Coast Ability prides itself on its team being dedicated to its services towards independence for people with disabilities.

Director at LCA

Kylie Withers

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Kylie is the Director of Limestone Coast Ability (LCA), which was established in 2021 to provide support to people living with disabilities across the Limestone Coast region. Kylie has more than 11 years’ experience in the disability sector in the South East and holds degrees in both Disability and in Special Education.

Kylie is responsible for the sustainable growth of the organisation, committed to understanding the needs of the people she supports as well as ensuring LCA is compliant with the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Kylie is passionate about growing and maintaining a strong person-centred culture and believes everyone is equal and has the ability to learn, grow, and be active participants in their own life. Kylie has a strong focus on building capacity in the people she supports, so they can live as independently as possible.

Director at LCA

Stuart Withers

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Stu is the co-director of LCA.
Stu has vast experience in the Disability sector with 17 years of experience. Stu has this experience in working with a variety of clients from those with high health and mobility needs as well as complex behaviors, mental health, and trauma-based behavior.
You won’t see Stu in the office too much as he loves to spend time with our clients and prefers to be in and amongst the guys.
Stu is popular amongst the clients and with his dedication, passion, and ability to relate it’s not hard to see why.
Stu is always approachable to clients and staff, sharing his knowledge, experience, and advice.
He most enjoys seeing our clients build on their capacity and help them work towards their passions and goals.
Stu is committed to making a difference in each person's life he supports.
Team Leader

Brett Pearson

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Brett is someone who has a lot of experience and is able to adapt his support style to relate and motivate the people he works with. Brett has a great sense of humor, is genuine, and is committed to helping others build themselves a quality life of their choosing, focussing on building independence, skills, and abilities.
Brett always practices person-centered support and promotes inclusion, human rights, and capacity on each shift.
Brett truly is one of these people that goes above and beyond because not only does he believes in and loves what he does, but he loves seeing the difference he makes in the life of the people he supports.
Our clients at LCA enjoy having Brett as part of their team and we are very proud to have Brett as part of ours.
Team Leader

Natalie Sampson

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Natalie has been with us from the start and is one of our dedicated staff members and a favorite among clients and staff.
Natalie is a dedicated, caring, and friendly person who is passionate about helping others. Nat brings warmth, sensitivity, and positivity in her support style and is an advocate for building skills and empowering people she works with.
Nat has experience supporting people at home and in the community and has a wealth of knowledge and training in the industry.
It's a pleasure to have Nat working with us at LCA.
Team Leader

Jack Bullock

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Please meet Jack.. Jack is one of our passionate team leaders here at LCA.
I believe that the people who I work with should be able to live the life they want to live with no barriers, and should have access to the good things in life. I believe everyone should be able to have good holidays, nights out, visit pubs, clubs, and restaurants. It is important to have plans and goals in place for day trips and other activities that people may want to attend, to do this I use a person-centered approach and plan with the people I support to work towards their long-term goals.
I have worked in this way for a number of years both in the United Kingdom where I completed my study’s to the equivalent of a diploma in Australia. By working this way I believe that people are empowered to live full and happy lives and the feedback I have received from individuals and their families, friends and other professionals also has confirmed this.
Administration Officer

Bianca Vorwerk

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Bianca has experience in a variety of roles in the disability service industry including being a support worker, team leader and coordinating programs such as weekend getaways for adults, camps for kids, center-based kids programs, and community inclusive days for teens.
She has her certificate in Disability Support and has just finished her diploma in Leadership and Management.
She loves working with a variety of people and working with clients to build their skills to enhance and expand their lives. Bianca is very committed to the LCA values and is passionate about practicing person-centered Support.
Bianca also has experience in office administration and rostering and is now moving into the role of Admin officer at LCA where she is will also coordinate our rosters. You will still see Bianca out and about with clients as she still loves to be a part of the wider disability community.
Team Leader

Georgia Lockwood

Contact Georgia

We are excited to introduce you to Georgia Lockwood
Georgia comes with a wealth of experience in the disability sector and has experience with adults, youth, and children. Georgia has experience in high behavioral needs and high care supports, as well as trauma-based needs. Georgia has completed her certificates in disability as well as youth work and is currently studying for her Bachelor's degree in Social Work.
Georgia is passionate and goes the extra mile with big focus on person-centered support. Georgia embodies a strong belief in our mission at LCA of building capacity and independence in people with disabilities.
She is keen to bring her positive and enthusiastic nature to her role as Team Leader and work with the LCA team to promote clients' independence, build on their skills, and be involved in the community.

Asking Georgia what she loves and what inspires her in her position and this is what she has to say.

"I absolutely love working within the disability field and I always knew this is the career path I wanted to take on leaving school. I have a passion for supporting people to live their best lives, and achieving all of their heart's desires. No matter what abilities, all goals can be achieved and we will make them happen".